Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord

The title of this blog post is based off of a common praise and worship song. My Parish’s choir was singing the song at Mass yesterday, and I was reflecting on the words in prayer. 

I asked Jesus in prayer “to let me see him” and He said back to me “where are you looking for me?”. I of course stuttered and didn’t have an answer to that question, but he gave me the answer anyways. He said “you can see me in the broken for the broken are beautiful”. 

This struck me to the core, and I knew I needed to change the way I view the Cross. It’s too easy to view the Cross and the sufferings we see in life, as an anomaly. We see them as a stopping point in an otherwise very good journey. We view the Cross as “something” wrong that should not be there. The Cross is the mark of the Lord’s love for us. A saint can look at the crucifixion scene and say “that is beauty”. I cannot say that. I still shutter and look away when I really start imagining the Passion of Christ. 

This translates to the way I view myself and others amongst their struggles. I too often assume that when I am struggling I am a failure to God and others. I feel like I need to get out of my “funk” so I can actually be useful to others. This has kept me from really offering myself to others when I feel I am not good enough to help them. This is wrong! The Lord wants us to be broken from time to time. He wants to fill us with His love, and often we need to be emptied of our bad attachements before He can do that. Sometimes we can even be too attached to ourselves. Sometimes God needs to empty us of our view of ourselves in order to give us a new mission or focus. 

That “brokenness is beautiful” also applies to the way that I interact with others. I know how hard it is to want to just “fix people”. When we know a friend is suffering, we want to just “fix it”. This comes from the fact that we do not want our friends to be unhappy, but it also comes from us thinking that the Cross is a mistake. We think that we have to “solve away” the Cross. Come up with some solution that will restore the proper beautiful order of life. We need to put down our selfish desire to fix things, and acknowledge the beauty of the person who is suffering. We must place ourselves in someone’s life and make sure they realize that they are beautiful and good even amongst their brokenness. We need to let them know that they are still a gift to us and the world even if they don’t have a job, struggling at work, not doing well in their relationship, or just feel “down”. 

“The broken are beautiful” and in them we will see God, Himself. 

You are never more loved than when you are on the Cross.


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